The most existing part of our lives is to be able to give back to the community.
Learn how you can be part of our Mission.

Where do we help?

The goal is every state in Mexico and U.S. but for the past five years; Zamora Michoacán it is mainly the city and state in México that the organization is helping.

Who can help?

The door is open to everyone, we have the power to change the world and make an impact by starting with the new generations, you are definately welcome.

Why Education?

The main goal of Mexico Nos Une is to be able to build professionals from the bottom up, it is not easy but everything is possible

Can anyone be part of Mexico Nos Une?

We have an open door policy, if you want to participate please send us a message below.

Mexico Nos Une

Mexico Nos Une is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping students from rural areas continue with their education, providing them with scholarships. 

It also has other activities such as a yearly toy give away on the day of the three kings, grocery bags giveaway, and many more. 

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